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First Aid Chairman
John Crowley
Ph 0409 393 215


First Aid Bookings:
Please contact St John Customer Service

Ph  1300 360 455

First Aid

The First Aid Team members also act as first aiders at many Region and State events, and always welcome new team members, whether to become a trainer or to assist as first aiders at events.

First Aid Courses 2020.

2020 Calendar
 September Sunday 20th September 2020 Provide First Aid One Day (PR1)
Barra Brui - Course No - 120.4.PR1.SE20.SMOUN
 October Sunday 18th October 2020 Provide First Aid One Day (PR1)
Barra Brui - Course No - 120.4.PR1.OC18.SMOUN
 November Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd November 2020Provide F/A Remote Situation Days 1 & 2 (PRS)
Barra Brui - Course No - 120.4.PRS.NO21.SMOUN
Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th November 2020 Provide F/A Remote Situation Days 3 & 4 (PRS)
Barra Brui - Course No - 120.4.PRS.NO21.SMOUN

To book onto these St John Ambulance first aid courses, the telephone number is 1300 360 455 and quote the course code and date to the Customer Service people to reserve a place. To be booked on a course payment is required before one can attend the course.

Costs are as follows:

  • Advanced First Aid (4-day)  Adult rate $326.00
  • Advanced First Aid ( 3-day, w/o PR1)  $204.00
  • Advanced Resuscitation  $154.00
  • CPR 4 hour course  $43.00 student/Scout ; Adult $50.00
  • Emergency Life Support 1 day $63.00 student/Scout ; Adult $97.00
  • Pain Management  Adult $75.00
  • Provide First Aid PR2 2 day $102.00 student/Scout ; Adult $142.00
  • Provide First Aid PR1 1 day - with private study on computer site - $93.00 student/Scout ; Adult $127.00
  • Remote Area First Aid PRS  Adult $189.00

For more information on the courses and the Scout First Aid Team - Click here


Remember to support the team that supports your Scout events.

Want a course for your Group? - Talk to the First Aid Team about your needs and numbers.

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