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Congratulations Abby Thomasson

On the 13th Sebtember at 1st Hornsby Heights, Abby was awarded her Green cord and Australian Scout Medalion. At the presentation Abby talked about her Adventurer level journey and leadership activity.

I was inspired by my leader Larissa and my scout friends to work towards achieving my Green cord and ASM.

There was a lot of planning and organising to do both, however, I worked hard and kept at it and feel a big sense of achievement now that it's complete. I know I will use these skills throughout my life and feel really proud of these awards.

Some of the highlights:

Green Cord hike - I had been on lots of bush hikes and chose a very scenic beach hike this time for something different to explore. The planning was challenging due to all the mapping but the hike itself was simple and easy to navigate due to all the work I have done in advance. 

ASM - I chose an activity that would give back to my Scouting troop for all they have done for me. I organized a group of leaders, parents, and Scouts to restore the 1st Hornsby Heights Scouts tables as they were in need of some serious repairs. 

The table restoration was planned for 2 days, however, the extraordinary team I had worked so hard all day that we finished the project in 1 day and even were able to additionally sand and lacquer the bench seats. It was a lot of pressure on the day but I felt amazing once I had completed the day. 

Its wonderful experience and I encourage everyone to have a go at it, you'll be surprised at what you can achieve. 

 Well done Abby!


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